Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to call Waffle House orders

Waffle House uses the Pull/Drop/Mark system.

On your mark-- first all sales associates are instructed to stand on the mark when they call their order..  The mark is usually is a red tile surrounded by grey tiles.  This helps insure that only one sales associate is calling an order at a time.  It also lets the grill operator know where to listen for orders being called.

Pull all your meat for the entire order.    Sales associate says PULL

1 bacon
2 Sausage
1 Chicken
1 Ribeye

The sales associate then watches as the grill operator pulls the meat to double check that the grill operator heard the call correctly

Things to know when caller your pull.
1 bacon = 3 slices
1/2 bacon = 2 slices
1 sausage = 2 sausage patty's
1/2 sausage = 1 sausage patty
1 pork chop = 2 pork chops
1/2 pork chop = 1 pork chop

If you need 3 half bacon's (six slices) you would say Pull 2 bacon (six slices) you would not say Pull 3 half bacon;  All calling is called in the simplest most organized way.

Drop the hashbrowns- Sales Associate after all the meat is pulled calls all the hashbrowns needed for the order says DROP 4 hashbrowns make 3 in a ring.   If the customer has not requested that hashbrowns have a topping or not specifically requested that they be scattered, the hashbrowns go in a ring.  In the example I used above 3 of the hashbrowns are plain.  One has either a topping  or the customer requested the hashbrowns be scattered.  Please note that you to not call toppings for hashbrowns during calling the drop.  Also you would never call DROP 4 hasbrowns make 2 scattered, always default too make X in a ring.  If a sales associate does not call the hashbrowns in a ring the assumption is the hashbrowns are scattered.

Again, the sales associate watches the grill operator as he drops the hashbrowns to confirm the grill operated has dropped the right number of hashbrowns and they are in either in a ring or scattered.

Mark the plate -  Once the sales associate has the hashbrowns squared  away.  They would call the mark.  As the sales associate calls the mark, the grill operator marks his plates with jelly packets, mayo packets, ketchup packets etc.  What packet the grill operator places on a plate  and where and which side of packet is facing up or down is the grill operator way of remembering what the order is.  What the sales associate is doing as they call the mark is saying how the meat (the pull), hasbrowns (the drop),  the eggs, the toast  go on each  plate.

Things to know

Single = 1 egg
Order = 2 egg
Triple = 3 egg

Hashbrowns are called a  plate. As example if the customer wants two eggs with hashbrowns the sales associate would call.

Mark Order scrambled plate.

If the customer wants two eggs scrambled with grits the sales associate would call

Mark order scrambled.

Why?  All breakfast orders default to grits. 

If the customer wants two eggs scrambled with no hashbrowns or grits.  The sales associate would call.

Mark order scrambled hold the grits.

Always call your waffles last  As example.\

Bacon Quarter Cheese plate  (bacon cheeseburger with hashbrowns)
Order over medium  (two eggs over medium with grits)
Triple scrambled plate (three eggs scrambled with hashbrowns)

More things to know...
If customer wants lettuce tomato onions on their burger its is called deluxe.  As example.

Quarter Cheese deluxe.

And if they want hashbrowns with it?

Quarter cheese deluxe plate.

And if they want large hashbrowns

Quarter cheese deluxe double plate.

What if two people are at  a table and one wants a quarter cheese with lettuce tomatoes and onions (deluxe)  and the other wants a quarter cheese deluxe with a large hashbrowns.

Mark quarter cheese deluxe on two make one a double plate (large hashbrowns).

Hopefully this blog was helpful to you if you are just starting at Waffle House, there is very little I can find on the Internet about how to call Waffle House orders.  Or perhaps you are just curious as to how Waffle House works, it is a very antiquated system, but like music pouring off your lips, once you know the lingo.  This is by no means all there is too know about calling Waffle House orders, but it does give you the structure of how to call orders at Waffle House.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Ryan Dean


  1. Thanks, Ryan. WH is one of my "road warrior" frequent stops for breakfast and I've always been fascinated with their system, not to mention my favorite, "scattered, smothered and burned".

  2. This is awesome, this is helping me alot right now. But I have one question, what does scattered mean ?

    1. Scattered means, you toss the hashbrowns on the grill freely, without the ring,,,.

  3. Scattered means the hashbrowns are "scattered" in one spot on the grill as opposed to being put into a ring mold on the grill. I just started working at WH and I'm seriously fascinated at the ticket system. I've worked in foodservice my entire life, but I feel like such a newbie!

  4. Thanks a ton!! Im going back to waffle house and you deff brought my mind back to where I needed it. Bookmarking this page!

  5. How to know how many meat to pull for each order?

  6. By the numbers, then.

    Pull one bacon. Drop one scattered. Mark bacon medium, order scrambled well, plate scattered smothered chunked, waffle.

    (The above should be an All-Star with hash browns with onions and ham instead of grits.)

  7. What does "neat" mean with regards to "order scrambled cheese neat?" Obviously, scrambled cheese is scrambled eggs with cheese. No idea what the "neat" part means.

    1. They are actually saying "wheat" not "neat". "Order scrambled cheese wheat". All egg orders are automatically served with white toast. Unless a customer requests something different. If the customer wants raisin toast they would say "Order scrambled cheese raisin". It goes on and on. "Order scrambled cheese dry wheat". which means they don't want any butter on their wheat toast, "Order scrambled cheese hold the toast" means they don't want any toast.
      It's gets tricky when there are 4 people at one table and they all order cheese eggs with different toast and different toppings in their hashbrowns.
      "Order scrambled cheese plate on 3 make two raisin scattered smothered covered and make the other dry raisin chucked and topped"
      If the sales associate says one little word wrong, the entire order can be cooked wrong. That is why there is a certain call in for every single combination of food items on the menu

    2. They were definitely saying "neat" NOT "wheat." Wheat, I would have known instantly and would not have bothered posting on here. But in this case, it was with 1000% certainty, "neat." Any clue what that could be?

  8. What does "neat" mean with regards to "order scrambled cheese neat?" Obviously, scrambled cheese is scrambled eggs with cheese. No idea what the "neat" part means.

  9. I truly appreciate this blog post, I'm literally studying while I wait to start training and I want to be able to do my very best at this job. I'm 30 starting my first job so I don't want to not know what I'm doing. Thank you very much for this, I've been coming back to it numerous times in the last day and a half.

  10. I really appreciate this post I have my final interview Thursday and I wanna know all I can before I start. I'm a little confused but I'm sure I'll know more once training starts

  11. I really appreciate this post I have my final interview Thursday and I wanna know all I can before I start. I'm a little confused but I'm sure I'll know more once training starts

  12. This was so helpful. The plate thing was confusing. But now I know when to call plate. I start my first official day today, as opposed to my last four days of training. :)